Jane Gallagher is a childhood friend of Holden's that lived in his neighborhood and he has strong feelings or her. She's first mentioned in chapter 4 when Ward Stradlater tells Holden that she's his date, and Holden tries to tell Stradlater about her childhood but Stradlater isn't interested.

Family Edit

Jane's mother and father were divorced, and Jane lived with her mother and step father. Jane's stepfather was an alcoholic; Holden describes him as a boozehound with a skinny body and hairy legs that wore shorts all the time, and all Holden ever saw him do was drink booze, listen to mystery programs on the radio, and run around the house with no clothes on not caring that his young step daughter was around. Despite this Jane had told Holden that her step father was a playwright, which is very unlikely.

Childhood Edit

According to Holden, Jane had a lousy childhood. Holden says that she was a ballet dancer when she was younger, and that she would practice two hours each day.

Jane and Holden often played checkers together. Jane, however had an odd habit of not moving her Kings from the back row, because she liked the way they looked when they were lined up at the back of the board. (In checkers, if one of your pieces reaches the back row on your opponent's side of the board, it becomes a king. A king can move backward on the board, unlike a normal piece)

Later Life Edit

Jane, during the main events of the book, goes out on a date with Ward Stradlater (, Holden's roommate) on the night of the Saxon Hall game, and is the roommate of The girl that Bud Thaw takes out on a date.

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